• What is Glottal Source?
  • What is BioMet®Engine?
  • What is BioMet®Technology?

Voice is produced by the vibration of the Vocal Folds in the Larynx. The vibration of de vocal folds creates a pattern specific of each person and phonation modality, which is called the Glottal Source.

BioMet®Engine is a Voice Analysis software to extract the Glottal Source from Voice or Voiced Speech Based on the removal of the Vocal Tract influence from Voiced Speech The result is a correlate of the pressure in the Vocal Folds: Tje Glottal Source

BioMet®Technology is a set of compatible software packages for Voice Analysis Applications BioMet®Engine may be provided as a set of Dynamic Linkable Libraries Compilable Code in C-C++ is also available under Licensing Conditions.